About Wise Goat

All of our ferments are produced in small hand-crafted batches that are made in glass vessels.  This ensures a proper fermentation process that provides maximum nutritional benefit while avoiding the possibility of chemicals leaching into the food as often happens with plastic or metal.  We focus on sourcing ingredients from local, organic and sustainable farmers.  Our selection varies with the seasons.


About the Owner

Mary is a Colorado native who has had a passion for horses since she was very young. During college she decided to pursue her dreams as a natural horsemanship trainer. This career eventually brought her to the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains and expanded her business throughout the South Bay.

An exciting change in her career arose when she was asked to help sell organic produce for a local farmer in Hollister. Quickly she discovered a new passion in health and nutrition. Mary applied similar principles of understanding health as she did horses and found great parallel.  She is now a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner/ GAPS Specialist and Functional Diagnostic.  She is also currently pursuing her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University in San Jose, CA and is continually studying Functional Medicine under the guidance of the Chris Kresser Institute.

Mary applies her knowledge of fermentation to optimize the nutritional value and probiotic benefit of her vegetables. She now offers these ferments at local Farmers Markets throughout the Bay Area for others to enjoy.

Whats in the name

I named the company “Wise Goat Organics” after watching my baby goats graze in the pasture.  I noticed they were very selective on what weeds, trees and grasses they would eat.  They would even be selective on the specific part of the plant they wanted.  This seemed to vary with the time of day, season, age and any health problems they were facing.  I thought this was very wise of them and felt as humans we should do our best to follow this approach.