Our sauerkraut is produced in small hand-crafted batches that are fermented in glass vessels.  This ensures a proper fermentation process that provides maximum nutritional benefit while avoiding the possibility of chemicals leaching into the food as often happens with plastic or metal.  We focus on sourcing ingredients from local, organic and sustainable farmers.  Our selection varies with the seasons.

Benefits of consuming sauerkraut:

  • Helps populate the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria
  • The fermentation process breaks down the vegetables and allows for easier digestion and assimilation of vitamins
  • Enhances nutritional value of vegetables
  • Supports immune system
  • Improves the detox pathways
  • Acts as a chelator for toxins and heavy metals

 How to eat:

  • Serve as condiment with any meal!
  • Great consumed with animal proteins as it helps increase digestive enzymes and break down food
  • Include in smoothies for probiotic benefit
  • Mix cold ferment with warm rice or quinoa – Best way to get kids to eat ferments!!
  • Consider it a type of ‘salsa’ for tacos, burritos, tostadas etc…