In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) autumn is the season of the Lung organ. The characteristics of this organ include dryness, respiration, body fluid metabolism, blood circulation, immunity, regulation of the skin and melancholy emotions. Here are some symptoms you may notice and remedies to help with them:

Dry skin / chapped lips: moisturize with coconut oil
Dry facial skin: moisturize with wheat germ oil
Dry throat / cough: drink Asian pear tea
Decreased immune function: Wise Goat Organics Immune Tincture, Astralagus herb
Melancholy emotions: Daily exposure to sunlight early in the morning (20 minutes min.),
Light Therapy, Vitamin D supplementation

This time of year it is best to increase your intake of sour foods (this includes sauerkraut!) to help generate fluids in the body. It is also important to eat warm, cooked foods like soups, stews and porridge and avoid raw and/or cold foods like smoothies, juices and salads.